RLS Resources

Augmentation & RLS

Theresa tells her story about her
experience with augmentation
Watch the commercial that brought
awareness to RLS augmentation
Dr Lee talks about the progression
of RLS vs augmentation
Leeda tells how she discovered she
was experiencing augmentation

Your RLS Treatment Plan

Dr Lee talks about choosing the right
RLS medication for each patient
Theresa offers insights on how she
prepares for appointments
Leeda discusses finding the right
treatment plan for her RLS

About RLS

Theresa tells her story about how
she was diagnosed with RLS
Leeda describes her RLS symptoms
and their effects on her life
Dr Lee discusses some of the
challenges of diagnosing RLS

RLS tools and information

A Guide for Patients With RLS

An overview of primary RLS, its chronic nature, and potential long-term side effects of treatment, including augmentation. Learn what you should know when talking to your doctor.

download pdf

RLS Rating Scale

An international rating scale that doctors use to determine the severity of RLS and recommend appropriate treatment. Answer the questions and get your score. Only a doctor can diagnose RLS.

download pdf

RLS organizations and support

The Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation | www.rls.org
A nonprofit organization working to increase awareness of RLS

The International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group | irlssg.org
An organization of professionals committed to advancing RLS research